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The Power Couple of Internet and also the trending YouTuber, Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast, and his wife Ritu are contestants of the Reality Show – Smart Jodi. The duo happens to be the first-ever Indian Content creators to be the contestants on a reality show.

Meet the Power Couple

Flying Beast, as he is popularly known on social media, Gaurav Taneja is a successful Indian YouTuber with almost 10 million subscribers. Donning the hat of a vlogger, lifestyle mentor, fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder, he is a licensed commercial pilot as well as a soon-to-be lawyer.

Gaurav’s Youtube videos showcase parts of his life, gaming, fitness, and more. The YouTube channel named Flying Beast has almost 8 million subscribers and the channel named Rasbhari Ke Papa has 1.2 Million subscribers.

Meanwhle, a mother, blogger and a captain on the Airbus, Ritu Rathee, has amassed more than a million followers on Instagram. A lot of her content is skewed towards nurturing her baby, mommy duties, travel vlogs with her husband Gaurav and brand promotions.

The couple’s followers admire their work for relatable content and honest portrayal of their routine life.

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Smart Jodi is a fun reality show that is produced by Frames Production and will feature 10 couples. The show will be premiering soon on Star Plus which will be hosted by Maniesh Paul. The show is adapted from Star Maa’s Telugu ‘Ishmart Jodi’, hosted by Ohmkar.

In a press statement, Gaurav said, “The show revolves around the theme of relationship compatibility and the dynamics of being the perfect couple. The pandemic has really taught each one of us a hard lesson in love, equality, tolerance, and staying together in the good and the bad times. I hope we can set an example on-screen with our television foray just like we do off-screen.”

Ritu Rathee added, “This is a true test for us to evaluate how well we know one another at an intrinsic level and how consistent is our compatibility meter really is. We are quite excited with our television foray as this will be a brand-new experimental inning for us beyond the online and content space.”

It’s a wait and watch game to see if the power couple of the digital universe make their mark on the small screen and spread the magic of love.