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In order to save you time and ensure that you stay on top of all of your shipments, Gmail is introducing new features this year.

Imagine now that you look for the ideal gift for hours, find a wonderful offer, and place the order! But now you wind up going through the same motions while you wait for your product to arrive: looking through your inbox for the confirmation email, locating the tracking number, and clicking through a series of websites to view your delivery status.

Your inbox will soon be flooded with additional order and shipping confirmations, tracking numbers, and possibly even delay notifications as the holiday season approaches quickly.

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Right from your inbox or in your Gmail settings, you may choose to receive updates on the status of your packages.

The order statuses will then be automatically retrieved by Gmail using your tracking numbers and shown in your inbox. By changing your Gmail settings, you can withdraw this feature at any given time.

Image Credit: Google

We also understand what it’s like to wait for a package just to learn that it was delayed!

Gmail will assist in reducing some of that surprise in the upcoming months. To ensure you don’t miss a beat, it will proactively display a delay label and move the email to the top of your inbox.

However, with these new capabilities and more to come in Gmail, we want to knock at least one of those tasks off your list, allowing you to spend more time celebrating with your loved ones and less time standing in line at the door.