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Netflix launched a new training programme ‘Grow Creative UK’ to develop the budding talent for the creative industry. The focus is on providing opportunities to 1000 people from the UK, which will not train them but help them advance in their careers. Netflix plans to invest £1.2m in this initiative to support them through its own productions, partners, and education institutions in the UK.

Grow Creative UK
Source Netflix Newsroom

Netflix Newsroom states, “‘Grow Creative UK’ will focus on upskilling below the line new and emerging British talent, especially those from diverse backgrounds. The programme forms part of Netflix’s long term ambition to provide the greatest number of training opportunities across High End TV and Film in the UK.”

As per Netflix Newsroom, Alison Small, Netflix UK training manager explained, “The UK is a hugely important market for us and we invest more in production here than anywhere else outside of the US and Canada. Grow Creative UK will help bridge the skills gap, upskill experienced crew and improve diversity head-on. It will also build on our long-term ambition to be the studio that provides the most training opportunities in the UK.”

Netflix’s radar of opportunities lies in UK-based, best-in-class, scripted, and non-scripted productions, which include series such as ‘Sex Education’, ‘The Witcher’, and ‘Top Boy’. Production and industry partners are also a part of the whole training programme.

Not only that, but Netflix has also joined hands with some of the industry’s leading arts and media training providers for providing excellent growth to the next generation of UK creatives. From investing at The London Screen Academy over the next three years with an additional £300,000 following an initial investment of £300,000 last year, Netflix is moving forward with huge steps.

“Over the past 12 months, Netflix has invested an additional £1.5m to bring more diverse voices into the industry, supporting a number of organisations including the Identity School of Acting, MAMA Youth Project and Million Youth Media, charities that provide young people with the skills, networks and training to break into the industry”, clarified Netflix Newsroom.

Further, it’s stated, “This is in addition to the launch of the inaugural Documentary Talent Fund and the Biska K Ali Netflix Screenwriters Fellowship in association with Sky, two in house programmes designed to bring new voices into the industry.” Netflix is also developing the anime industry. To know more, check out Netflix: Giving Creators A New Space To Make Great Anime