MJ5, India’s youngest boy band announced their special Dance Training Program (DTP) which will be hosted on Graphy just three days ago! The learning sessions will be held from September 27 to October 27, 2021. As per Graphy, “MJ5 Special DTP will be teaching Dance Foundations and Core Movements which focuses on Body Control and Conditioning. Covering different Dance forms from around the globe and learning quick choreographies on Global trends. This program will help you gain confidence as a Stage Performer and learn how to create professional dance videos.”

The learning session’s original price is ₹2000, but you can get enrolled for ₹1400 today. The offer stands for only a day! Now, let’s dive into the course plan, about MJ5 and what it offers if you join it as stated on Graphy.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. “How to count music and stay on beat.”
  2. How to understand your body bounce and footwork.”
  3. Basic to advanced choreographies to trending songs.”
  4. 100 + Moves and Grooves.”
  5. Ho to package your craft and final presentation on social media.”
  6. Best Students will be a part of MJ5 FAM project.”

Course Plan:

  1. Dance Foundation
  2. Core Movements
  3. Body Control and Conditioning
  4. Choreography

About MJ5

“MJ5 is best known for winning the title of the show “India’s Dancing Superstar” in 2013. They are the world record holders for 27 different types of moonwalks. TV celebrity and new-age Internet Sensations, acclaimed quintet MJ5 is India’s youngest Boyband. MJ5 came with its maiden project “Bawaal” as their first hit single after working as a successful dance crew for many years. MJ5 has carved an unmatched legacy with their iconic style. Winning numerous awards, successfully performing for more than 1000 events nationally and Internationally, MJ5 has continued to thrive and enthrall their audience in the best way. They have earned a distinct reputation in the industry of being industry forerunners with millions of fans worldwide, including the likes of stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Remo D’Souza and many more.

MJ5 owns the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award for the “Most trending Performers”. MJ5’s achievements are jotted down by many newsletters around the world. MJ5 has successfully completed their 7 years in the industry and still counting more. MJ5 is the Most popular, classy, Entertaining, and Unique celebrity crew and are now foraying their path in the world of Music with the vision to be one of the best millennial powerhouse boy band sensations.”

To know more about MJ5’s DTP, tap HERE!