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According to Social Media Today, Meta has invested billions of dollars into its next-level project in any functional sense. As per Meta Official Blog: “We want people to envision that, in addition to areas like gaming and entertainment, the metaverse has tangible potential on healthcare, education, and skills training.”

As you can see in this new promo campaign, Meta’s looking forward to highlighting the expanded potential of the metaverse, beyond its current developmental phase. Meta’s trying to re-focus people on the bigger picture of its strategy, as opposed to the somewhat underwhelming, cartoonish landscapes that will form the basis for the next stage of development.

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Meta says that it’s ‘unlocking’ new possibilities, which is where the true, eventual value of the metaverse lies. Meta also shared another new video clip, which shows how the metaverse will facilitate entirely new types of digital experiences. This is why it’s now working to shift our focus onto the horizon, onto that far-off destination way out yonder, where the metaverse and complete VR realization is a working, useful thing.

This is all well and good, but if you’re going to present these as concepts, you need to also provide a timeline or concrete examples of exactly how this type of interaction will actually work.

A personal gateway to the metaverse. A place to hang out with friends, to customize and make your own, we want Meta Horizon Home to be a place you make memories in and not just one you arrive in when you’re done making memories. The principles and key concepts are based on existing examples, for sure, but no one is a metaverse expert at this stage.

This is just the first step of Meta toward its long-term vision. They would soon be adding more features and improving the experience over time. Making it easier for users to get together with friends and family in VR in the short term.