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In the latest development, Messenger has introduced ‘shortcuts’ feature to make it accessible to everyone where one would be able to notify everyone in a chat of an important announcement. Apart from that, they can also do payments and express disappointments through the shortest number of keystrokes, according to Messenger.

@Everyone on Chat

Enter the @everyone and /silent shortcuts, available today to people using Messenger on iOS and Android. When you start a message with @everyone, all participants in the chat will be notified. @everyone is perfect for group reminders, impromptu get-togethers, or when you need to gather the brain trust to crowdsource an answer to a time-sensitive question. This way, your message gets maximum exposure, and nobody misses out.

When you use /silent (also available on Instagram as “@silent”), the members of your chat will not receive a notification of your message at all. Sending a message with /silent removes the anxiety of interrupting someone with a non-urgent pop-up notification or disturbing them during their off-hours.

Now, you can share those late-night epiphanies at the moment without disturbing the peace, and your friends can read your message at their leisure.

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Supercharge your Messenger experience

Why drag something out when you could get it done in one fell swoop? In the coming weeks, we’re introducing several new shortcuts that will help you up to your efficiency in Messenger for both practical and entertainment purposes.

/Pay (coming soon to iOS and Android for Messenger fans in the US): Our new /pay shortcut makes it even easier to send and receive money right in your one-on-one Messenger chats. Simply type /pay to send or request money securely without fees – perfect for quickly paying a friend for dinner or getting paid back for a ride.

gif (coming soon on iOS): GIFs help us express ourselves, conveying a sense of identity through pop culture references, which in turn help form our larger digital culture. To easily find and send that perfect GIF, use the /gif shortcut – simply type /gif and your chosen topic to see your gif options appear. 

/shrug & /tableflip (coming soon to iOS): Sometimes even a gif can’t compare to the emotions conveyed by the old-school text-based tableflip “(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻” and shrug “¯\_(ツ)_/¯” emoticons. Instead of struggling to type each emoticon (or having to find it online to copy and paste), simply type in /shrug or /tableflip to add your chosen emoticons to your message. 

The information was first published on Messenger‘s official blog.