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Mad Over Marketing (@madovermarketing_mom) , one of Instagram’s most popular marketing pages, also runs its own podcast called Let’s Do Shots. Hosted by Siddhant More, the podcast covers many wonderful marketing and advertising stories that need to be heard in short and crisp episodes. Let’s have a look at the best of Let’s Do Shots. Our top picks.

How George Clooney Accidentally Made A Billion Dollars

Accidents can be expensive but not all accidents end up making you a billionaire!

The Reason Why McDonald’s Flopped In These Countries

Seems like there are some countries who aren’t “Lovin It!”

What Happened To Blackberry

Blackberry, which was once a status symbol is now totally forgotten! Listen to the podcast below and find out what actually happened.

The Subtle Art Of Scent Marketing

Turns out food industries aren’t the only places that use scent to lure in people.

How The Chupa Chups Brand Remains Forever Young

You’re one of us if you too are listening to this with a lollipop in your mouth.

How Starbucks Functions As A Bank

If only we could get back all the money we spent.

How Volvo Saved Over A Million Lives

The three point seat belt that we know today owes its origin to Volvo.

Why Celebrities Are Obsessed With Launching Beauty Brands

Finally! This question gets answered.

How Social Media Steals Our Attention

The real “dilemma”.

The Trillion Dollar Privacy War Between Facebook And Apple

Well, we’re fortunate enough to know about these data wars.

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