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We are in the 21st century and it’s sort of ironic that we aren’t completely free in even expressing our beliefs and thoughts. Do we unhesitatingly, feel free to ask questions about sex and discuss it in open? Harping on to the insights and observations, popular sex educator Leeza Mangaldas has released her exclusive podcast on Spotify. It aims to raise awareness around sexuality, pleasure, and sexual health.

Titled “The Sex Podcast”, it is a holistic series on sex education and has been curated keeping all the perspectives in the loop including sexuality, gender, identity, gender biases on pleasure, introspection, love, consent, communication, and many more.

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Harping on the rising popularity of podcasts, Leeza looks to answer the most asked sex-related questions in honest, judgment-free, and accurate responses. Focusing on the inclusivity and localization quotient, the conversation will happen both in English and Hindi (primarily Hindi) so that the majority population could have access to the audio.

Furthermore, questions ranging from how does one feel having sex for the first time, getting physically involved with someone- the do’s and don’ts, what’s the deal with the hymen and bleeding, how can you protect yourself from STI’s and pregnancy but still have a lot of fun- The Sex Podcast by Leeza Mangaldas awaits responding to all of them. Just in few hours after its launch, it was listed in the blockbuster charts of Spotify featured in its top podcasts list.

Leeza Mangaldas
Source Leeza Mangaldas Instagram

The initiative is backed by One Digital Entertainment’s newly launched podcast vertical PodOne in partnership with Spotify.

Leeza Mangaldas has leveraged her social media presence to put the spotlight on topics such as ‘sex’ which are erstwhile considered taboo or not conversed about on an open forum due to certain insecurities. The digital creator has amassed 600k plus followers on Instagram and continues to highlight various critical points around sex education.