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LinkedIn, the American business and employment-oriented online service has now made it possible for users to learn from experts in real time with Office Hours.

So many of us are thinking about what comes next when it comes to work. The reality is we are in the midst of a moment of unprecedented change, coined as the Great Reshuffle, where people are rethinking everything about how they work and why they work. As such, people are taking control of their career in new ways, leaning on their network and honing their skills.” says LinedIn

Be it a fresh perspective or just a fresh role, LinkedIn is launching a new way to allow people to engage with instructors in real-time.

Office Hours
Source: LinkedIn

Office Hours feature will allow instructors to host live events on LinkedIn Learning. With this feature learners will be able to stay on top of industry trends and interact with experts and fellow learners in real-time by posting questions, comments and reactions.

“We consistently hear from our members that they want new ways to stay on top of timely topics. The world of work is changing so quickly, with new challenges emerging every week that professionals are hungry to discuss with one another. That’s why throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen learners embrace social learning features like Q&A, where they can ask the LinkedIn Learning community a question and get answers from instructors, their network, or their co-workers.” LinkedIn says on their website.

Office Hours makes it easy for instructors to take part in the growing creator economy, and use LinkedIn as a platform to build their audience in a professional context. The feature will also allow instructors to connect with learners in an authentic and personal way thereby driving the engagement deeper and distribution wider.

To help learners in their journey, LinkedIn has also launched the 20 most popular LinkedIn Learning courses being learned this year(click here to see all the 20 courses). The courses are free until October 15th.