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International creator Khaby Lame made his first-ever appearance in an Indian advertisement with Dream 11, which features Indian creator Viraj Ghelani too. Khaby’s Indian brand debut surprised all his desi fans and we obviously can’t keep calm!

Let’s take a look at one of the best international and desi collaborations:

As we can see in the ad, Viraj was flabbergasted at his friend for using toothpicks to eat french fries. So, Khaby came to the rescue in the typical ‘life is simple’, why make it complicated way! The Italian creator with 47.3 million Instagram followers and over 113 million Tiktok followers simply used his hands to eat the fries showing his signature facial expression and hand movements.

In the end, he pointed towards a nearby placard stating “Dimaag Lagana Hai Toh Dream 11 Pe Laga Na” wearing a Dream 11 jersey. Clearly, the fantasy sports platform is making a statement with this collaboration of using one’s brain in something meaningful such as picking the right team on Dream 11.

Well, we definitely hope to see more such creator collaboration in the future! I, for one, am absolutely impressed with the wit and tactics behind this advertisement.