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It is almost a mystery to understand How do they do it? It is International Men’s Day today and we are talking about men who do so much with a smile.

Here are some of the content creator men who have been breaking stereotypes and making sure that they influence their audience in the right way. They go beyond regular content and have taken a step to make sure that their art and passion don’t go unattended by themselves.

Ankush Bahuguna

The comedian creator is not just about doing things that are basic. His comedy content is what kept the audience stuck to his page but then Ankush started something that’s different and would take courage to do so.

Wing It With Ankush

This is where he does what he is loving and quite literally winging it!

Ankush believes in doing the right makeup- the right makeup is not just perfect, it is what suits you and brings out the best in you. Ankush started this page where he was uploading makeup art content with friends.

He has come a long way as now he has done a Lakme show too!

Jake Sitlani

Jake Sitlani creates humorous videos in which he frequently dresses as a woman. Jacqueline is the name Sitlani gives to his feminine character, and he acknowledges that being her has even improved his current relationship.

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Siddartha Batra

Siddartha Batra is the one who has given a new name and a new identity to beauty influencers and lifestyle bloggers. This guy is breaking out of boxes and getting ready in the way he wants to and slays it nevertheless.

Jainil Mehta

Jainil Mehta quickly became a popular choice after impressing viewers with his dance performances while wearing a skirt. He is dancing his way through life and that too gracefully with his moves.

These are the content creator men who are doing much more than just making plain simple content while making sure doing what they love. Do let us know who is your favourite and check out more of their content on their handles.