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Roxanne Chinoy, familiarly known as ‘ladyroxpop’ announced Instagram’s new update just a day ago. According to it, now you can rename original audio in Reels! Isn’t that amazing news? Here’s what she stated, “We know that using sound and audio are a key source of inspiration and driver of the creation process within short-form video. With this update, you have more creative control over the audio in your reels, making it easier to create with and discover audio on Reels.”

Roxanne further pointed out some important things which are necessary for you to know.

Things to keep in mind:

• Your account must be public, and the reel must be purely Original Audio or Voiceover. The presence of any Licensed Music will remove this option.
• You can only rename once, either while creating a reel or after from the audio page.

Source: Roxanne (Instagram)

So, now that you have more benefits, create more Reels and explore! Happy content creation!