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Instagram has been very actively coming up with new features and trials to make it more user-friendly. Aiming towards making the app better every day, Instagram has been quite interactive and is always open for feedback from users and experts.

Instagram has also been partnering with various campaigns working towards effective and unwrinkled experiences like “Take a Break”, etc. Throughout 2021, Instagram has been testing numerous features and they even came up with a lot of them. Social media experts and contrivers have been constantly keeping up with various trials of the app.

According to the recent stats and updates from one of the social media experts Alessandro Paluzzi, there have been quite a few features and new updates that Instagram has been testing. Alessandro, on his socials, is very active and interactive. He keeps on posting about all the new trials from all the social media handles.

In his recent tweets about Instagram, the new features that the app is testing are quite interesting. One of the new features that the app is testing is invited links for the groups. A new link for the same will be created within 99 days. One can easily let other people join their groups by simply sending them the links of the groups. The feature that’s still in trial, seems to be very feasible yet hinders the privacy of the users’ group chats a bit.

Pinned Reels

Another feature that’s in testing is “Pinning a Reel” in the reels tab of your profile. Instagram is in the process of working on the possibility that one can Pin a Reel on their profile just like TikTok. This new feature that’s still in the trial process, can be accessed by clicking on the three dots after posting your reel and then pinning it on your profile.

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‘Supervision’ for the website

In a very recent tweet, Alessandro reported that Instagram is also looking to introduce the “Supervision” feature to the website. This feature will have two subheads – Family Center and Education Hub. This allows teens to invite their parents or guardians to supervise their time on the app and create balance.

Source: Twitter

On the other hand, Facebook is also working on the possibility for an ability to share Reels to the respective Instagram accounts. One can simply post a Reel on both platforms at the same time without any hassle. It makes the work of creators who are constantly posting stuff on social media feasible.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms after Facebook and WhatsApp. And we are loving how they are working hard to make themselves one of the best.