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Instagram for Business shared creative tips on product photography to stand out from the crowd. Just a day ago, it stated, “Learn how to photograph your products and capture your audience’s attention with this easy-to-follow guide.”

Now that you have caught on to the five tips, let’s discuss them for your further understanding:

1. Establish Light Source

It’s necessary to have a clear light source to capture good photographs. Good and consistent lighting is needed for the product to look better.

2. Choose Backgrounds

Always ensure that the product matches well with the background. Try to keep the background minimal so that the attention goes more on the product.

3. Use Props

It’s better to use props with the product to make the photograph look more creative and attractive.

4. Stage & Re-Stage

It’s boring to see a product with similar angles and frames all the time. So, make sure to add and remove elements from it and capture them from various positions. This will keep the monotonous edge at bay.

5. Show Products In Use

To capture the audience’s attention, not only just show the outer shell of the product but use it and take photographs of that too. Netizens are always curious about the product quality and texture, so this will help in resolving that. Also, it provides a variety in the photographs!

Product Photography
Source: Pinterest

These five were the essential and basic tips to capture great product photographs. Keep exploring and show your creativity!