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Roxanne Chinoy shared a quick reminder of “HOW TO STAY EMPOWERED WITH INSTAGRAM SAFETY TOOLS” for us to be aware of Instagram’s five safety features. From blocking, restricting, controlling comments and DMs to limiting unwanted interactions, Instagram has levelled up with a lot of great tools.

Let me highlight them for your better understanding:

1. Block

“By blocking an account, you can prevent them from not only interacting with you, but even seeing your content.”

2. Restrict

“When you restrict an account, you are limiting the interactions you receive from them – but they can still see your content.”

3. Control What Comments You See

Use comment controls and filters to protect yourself from seeing offensive or harmful comments.” 

4. Control Who DMs You

Limit who can reach out to you directly via Direct Message by adjusting your message controls.”

5. Set Limits When You Need To

If you are the target of mass bullying or harassment, you can temporarily limit comments and messages from suggested groups.” This indicates the Limit Unwanted Interactions tool.

These were the five safety options that Instagram has recently updated. Be secure and happy Instagramming! To know more, check out Instagram Introduces New Updates: Limits, Stronger Warnings & Hidden Words!