As the rise of content consumed through social media continues. Instagram has stepped up and will be soon testing two new features on Instagram. First, Instagram will be testing the ability to let users add music from Audio Library to their photos in Instagram Feed. Second it will start testing the inclusion of an artist’s catalog as a new sub tab. Let’s have a closer look at these two features.

Music in Feed

Accounts in Instagram’s test groups, which includes the countries Brazil, India and Turkey will be able to upload photos on Instagram, in the normal way. They will then be able to select a song which will play when the photo is viewed.

Here’s how to use the Music in Feed feature:

  • Upload your feed photo. Click “Add Music”.
  • Search for the song in the Instagram Audio Library. 
  • Select the song you like and the clip duration.
  • Click “Share”.
Source: Instagram

With proper analysis and feedback from this test, Instagram hopes to roll out this feature more broadly in the coming months.

Artist’s Catalog

Instagram will soon start testing the inclusion of an artist’s catalog as a new sub-tab on artist profiles on Instagram. This feature will help the fans to find songs from their favorite artists even more easily along with the option to preview short clips which they can later use in reels. This will also be key to building a community around artists and their music.

Instagram will begin testing this feature in the US for a small set of artists and a subset of users. Artists can opt out anytime they wish to. With these audio updates, Instagram hopes to make it easier for everyone to discover and create with the music they love.

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