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It so happens sometimes that cooking a dish is not your interest but then you see something on the internet and can’t help but want to make something that was not on your list. We are introducing you today to some such chef creators whose work, content and food is drool worthy and might want to make you cook and try something new!

Chef Meghna

Famous on the internet by the name of Meghna’s Food Magic, this lady is a banker who has turned chef and shown everyone how creativity over food has no end. Her way of speaking in her videos is interesting and will keep you glued to the screen and her recipes will make you try them. She is also on the list of Top 75 Ambassadors of India and Forbes India’s Top 100 Digital Stars!

Her YouTube channel is where you can check out the long-form video recipes.

Chef Rakesh Sethi

A celebrity Chef from the country who has also won a National award for his cooking on #MirchMasala on Starplus and #TeaTime on FoodFood.

Chef Saransh Goila

Indian chef Saransh Goila won the Food Food Maha Challenge. He is the creator of the renowned food travelogue “India on my Platter” and the founder of the well-known Mumbai restaurant “Goila Butter Chicken.”

Saransh Goila has come a long way in his cooking journey. He has restaurants around the country that serve some of the best famous food.

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Chef Tejasvi Chandela

Chef Tejasvi Chandela owns a patisserie in Jaipur and received her training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Instagram. Desserts make everyone smile, whether they are French macarons, tarts, pies, meringues, cookies, or something else entirely. She is the founder of @dzurt_patisserie and CoFounder of @allthingschocolates.

Chef Rakhee Vaswani

Making food like a restaurant is on many people’s wishlists, so this lady chef makes sure you have those recipes through which you can go and enjoy restaurant recipes with a twist off home at home.

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