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Facebook has finally opened the doors of instant messaging for all the business accounts on Instagram by making the Messenger API for Instagram available to all the business accounts on the platform. In a post by Facebook for Developers (@facebookfordevelopers) Facebook said “we are excited to announce that developers can now build Instagram messaging experiences for all business accounts!

With Instagram offering personal connection at every phase journey let’s ponder on the question.

What is the Messenger API?

The Messenger API for Instagram enables brands to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel. Integrating with existing tools and data, the Messenger API for Instagram makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier–helping to turn conversations into business outcomes.

The Messenger API is aimed at helping businesses drive meaningful conversations, increase customer satisfaction, and thereby grow sales.

Messenger API
Source: Facebook for Developers

When using the API businesses need to comply with all applicable Facebook terms and policies, including Facebook’s Terms of Service, Platform Terms, Developer Policies, Community Standards, Instagram Terms of Use, and the Instagram Community Guidelines.


(Source: Facebook for Developers)
– Ensure your app has implemented Send API, Webhooks and Conversation API correctly. This means your app should be able to leverage Send API to send messages, receive messages via Webhooks and leverage Conversation API to get thread/message details if you have a custom inbox solution.

– Ensure that your app respects message delete webhooks.

– Ensure that your messaging experience has an escalation path to a human agent.

– Ensure that your app has implemented the handling of media CDN URLs correctly.

– Ensure your app has implemented Instagram Story (Story Mention and Story Reply correctly.

Common Uses

(Source: Facebook for Developers)

– Send and receive text, media, stories, etc.

– Retrieving conversation history from IG business inbox.

– Responding to public comments with private messages.


(Source: Facebook for Developers)

– The API cannot access Instagram non Business accounts.

– Group threads (conversation with more than 2 participants) are not supported.

To know how to get started with the API. Click Here.