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Do you ever think it’s preferable to have an internet friend who motivates you rather than someone who puts you down by making you feel inferior? We feel you. Finding someone who understands you and makes you feel better about yourself is always a wonderful thing. Divija Bhasin will be your that friend who will make you feel not just better but will also give you smiles.

How having someone who can help you makes a difference in life is no wonder a peaceful feeling to have. And Divija who is know as awkwardgoat on Instagram is the GOAT of that!

Swifties! (Taylor Swift fans), here’s something for you too. You know she has made a post that talk about how there are certain Taylor Swift songs that talk about mental health.

And a reel too!

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She has put it in right ways that how people need to understand people’s problems and not just compare it.

It’s not just the self-help content that keeps us going to this goat’s page. It is also her fun videos that will keep you glued.


You should check out her content, we bet, she’ll draw a smile on your face and you might just have the day lit! You can also @thefriendlycouch visit this page to book a session with her.