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Bambai me aawaj itna kaiko hai, Gully Gang mein rapper sab psycho hai, Sounds familiar? Dhaval Parab Aka D’Evil is a well-known Rapper in the Indian Hip-Hop industry. He has the kind of voice that lingers in your mind long after you hear it. He has the best flow of all time, hands down. His energy is unmatched and he enhances his storytelling and proves to be the beat to everyone’s heart.

One of the most prominent personalities who bring Hip-Hip Culture to the top. D’Evil has a smooth warmth underneath its gravelly edge voice. That voice, and how D’evil uses it, has been at the core of what many hold dearly about hip-hop. The lyrics of his song are inspired by the spirit of Mumbai, a city that never sleeps and a city that gives an ordinary commoner the ability to dare to dream and wings to fly.

He steered his superpower while maintaining the relevance of the reality faced by everyone in his songs. Without a doubt proves to be a truly skilled lyricist. He is all geared up to be an example for the next generation, using his music to arm them with the Undying Music they’ll need for the future.

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In a musicological sense, D’Evil has delivered some tremendous tracks that talk about reality but with a humorous touch and holds all the records for spreading positivity. He has delivered some tremendous tracks that talk about reality but with a humorous touch.

D’Evil has proved to be one of the most influential rappers of all time. Hailing from the golden age of hip hop, and through lyrical content, he has made a mark in the modern era. Named a few of his bench-setting tracks to include Rani, Kaancheck, Mumbai Darshan, BRINKS, Hip Hop Bajega, and Shot Deke Gayab. With this list of extraordinary freestyles he’s delivered over the years, he’s given hip-hop more than enough reasons to salute his contributions.

D’Evil is a determined man hailing from the slums but with dreams to touch the sky and he has become an important part of India’s underground rap culture producing music that speaks to the masses. Collaborating with artists and creating music, he is bringing an edgy vibe with his unmatchable word for his song presentation.

The turning point of his career was when he received a call from established actor, Farhan Akhtar who wanted him to lend his voice as he penned the lyrics and lent his vocals to the latest track for his upcoming film TOOFAAN. D’Evil sang the title track, Todun Tak which helped him garner a lot of fame. He has amassed many followers on his Spotify as well.

Looking forward to more amazing feet-tapping songs and hoping for some International Collaboration for the sensational artist.