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Every year, through Year in Search, Google reflects on the events, people, and trends that spurred shared curiosity. People all across the world wanted to learn more about the most recent pop culture news as well as complicated global challenges and strategies to help one another and so google has released

“Wordle” was the top trending search globally, as guessing five-letter words every day became a way of life. On Assistant, one of the top asks on mobile this year was to “tell me a fun fact.” We saw pop culture continue to leave its mark as we searched for “how to become a fighter pilot” thanks to “Top Gun: Maverick,” and how to learn new languages, specifically Minion, High Valyrian and Klingon. Most of us also couldn’t seem to get songs from hit TV shows out of our head, with Ali Sethi’s “Pasoori” becoming the top global Hum to Search song.”, wrote a Google blog.

trending Google searches for the year 2022

Year in Search tells a lot about the things we all have in common, but every town also demonstrated its individuality. Google introduced a regional hub this year that highlights intriguing patterns from around the United States. For instance, the only two locations in the United States where “quilt shops” appeared in the top trending “near me” searches were in the cities of Anchorage, Alaska, and Des Moines, Iowa.

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In contrast to those regions, which appeared to want to be warm and snug, Parkersburg, West Virginia, featured “dog parks” as the top trending “near me” search. Despite the fact that searches for “negroni sbagliato” peaked globally, only two locations in the United States—Grand Junction, Colorado, and Shreveport, Louisiana—had “negroni” as their top keyword.

Beyond just typing into a search box, our methods of searching are also changing. People are finding what they need in more organic ways, such as by humming a tune, taking a picture with Lens, or saying “Hey Google” to Assistant when they want to know more. For instance, Lens is most frequently used to shop a look and interpret an image. The top text queries in multi-search included “price,” “vintage,” and “near me,” as well as “what is this” or “how to fix.” By defining what they saw, lenses also assisted humans in better exploring the world around them.

The domestic short-haired cat, tabby cat, and polydactyl cat were in fact this year’s most frequently searched animals on Lens. And all throughout the world, the Assistant was assisting individuals in making life a little bit simpler. From making you laugh with “tell me a joke” being a top request followed by “one more,” to set alarm clocks at 7 a.m., the most requested alarm time.

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