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We hope the festival of lights was as bright as the showroom lights that brands put up in stores while making you buy the products and services that they have. LOL. That might not be a very good comparison but there are festive advertisements that stay with us- #DiwaliAds.

Here are a few Diwali advertisements that drew our attention this year and touched our hearts.


Not just watching Netflix and chilling. There’s more to it and Netflix did it right by getting to the part of the country that people might not talk about it. They made a video about Cherrapunji which has a rainy Diwali.

“Jahan bhi ho, jiske saath bhi ho, Diwali houseful honi chaiye.”

Asian Paints

With their tagline, ‘Har Ghar kuch kehta hai’, they’ve always talked about how each ‘makaan’ is a ‘ghar’ and has a story.

In their latest advertisement, they’ve again talked with the same feeling and it is a pleasure to see the advertisement.


HP makes an advertisement each year on Diwali that guides people to raise an eye towards those who are often ignored. Their advertisements might not just make you feel good but also would want you to take a step towards people.

This time again they made an initiative raising advertisement. ‘Support local artisans, and make a little space for their craft in your homes. Locate & visit your nearest HP World store: The struggles of millions of artisans like Paresh has inspired HP World stores to open their doors and take action. Let’s come together and celebrate the artisans and their art at an HP World store near you. #ThodiSiJagahBanaLo

With their hashtag they have tried to draw attention to make space for those who need it.

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Cadbury Celebrations

‘Iss Diwali, jinki dukaan nahi, unki bhi dukaan khulegi. Cadbury Celebrations is creating an online shop for the hawkers who bring us the essence of Diwali but often lose business due to the lack of a permanent shop.’ #ShopsForShopless

They gave an option for consumers to Scan the QR code on the pack or visit and discover nearby hawkers this Diwali with Cadbury Celebrations. By making this hashtag #ShopsForShopless and the availability of nearby hawkers- they solve two purposes with one branding advertisement- more customers for local hawkers and a personal touch for customers in this buy-everything-online world.

Pathkind Labs

Probably one of the best-conceptualized advertisements this year. The ad shows the person from the lab walking into an area where people might not go for services.

They’ve told about the service with a touch that many might fear to give. The right way to deliver service is always the one that stays with the consumer and these advertisement talk about it.