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Twitter has taken a dive into user’s privacy by introducing a bunch of new features. Let’s have a look at all that you need to know about Twitter’s upcoming features.

It has been reported that Twitter is planning to give people more privacy options with its new features. The new features include Archived tweets, Removing followers, Hiding tweets you’ve liked and Leaving conversations. Let’s have a look at each of them.

  • Archived tweets – Twitter may let users hide old tweets after a set amount of time. Tweets would be visible to the account holder, but not to anyone else. The company is considering a range of time options, including hiding posts after 30, 60, and 90 days, or hiding tweets after a full year. This product doesn’t have a launch date, and is still in the concept phase.
  • Removing followers – Users will soon be able to remove followers. This is currently only possible by blocking someone. Twitter plans to test this feature starting this month.

  • Hiding tweets you’ve liked – Users will soon be able to set who —  everyone, just their followers, or select groups – can see which tweets they’ve liked. There is no timeline for testing this feature.

  • Leaving conversations – Users will be given the option to remove themselves from a public conversation on Twitter. Today, only the person sending a tweet can choose who to mention. Twitter plans to test this before the end of the year.

    Twitter confirmed the news in a statement to The Verge. “At Twitter, privacy is more than what we do with your data, it’s also about how we help you feel safe and in control of how you show up on Twitter,” a spokesperson said. “We understand that there’s no one size fits all approach to privacy, so we’re excited to roll out more features and tools to empower people on Twitter to customize their experience. Our focus on social privacy is inspired by feedback we received through a global research study we conducted to better understand people’s perceptions of and needs for privacy around the globe. We’ll begin testing some of these features as soon as next week.

    So far Twitter hasn’t released a timeline about these features’ official roll out as they are still in “concept phase.” Positively, we can expect an action from Twitter by the end of this year.