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Anusmita Dutta popularly known as Miss Dutta is a Bisexual digital creator hailing from Kolkata. Her content is based on comedy, fashion, beauty, awareness of the LGBT community, and so on. She’s a member of Creator 21, with 102K followers on Instagram and over 32K followers on Facebook. Before Tiktok was banned, she had a humongous fan base there too.

Here are Anusmita’s 9 reels that support the LGBT community:

1. It’s Not Wrong to Like a Girl

2. Showing Adoration

3. Coordinating Outfits with Your Partner

4. Accepting Being Bisexual

5. Love is Love

6. Holi with Your Crush

7. Don’t Be Ashamed of Liking a Girl

8. Gender Doesn’t Matter in Love

9. It’s Normal to Date a Girl

So, these were the nine reels by Miss Dutta that not only encourages and helps us in reflecting upon narrow-minded views that society has against the LGBT community. Let’s stand by her in her quest to spread awareness in such an entertaining way. Only in this way, everyone will be free from the clutches of LGBT biases.