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Tiger Shroff’s Hindi song debut ‘Vande Mataram’ created a buzz on social media, especially during Independence Day. He wasn’t the only one to give tribute to our nation, but dancers too took a step forward to reflect the Indian pride and freedom. Within seven days of its release, ‘Vande Mataram’ already has 99.5K reels on Instagram.

Let’s take a look at five reels created by popular dancers on Instagram:

1. MJ5

2. Nicole Concessao

3. Jissa Paul

4. Aadil Khan

5. Sonal Devraj

So, these were the most amazing reels that raised Indian patriotism in our veins. I’m sure y’all will agree with me that these dancers have done a tremendous job! Just look at the way they’re swaying so gracefully. It definitely makes one feel like dancing! Ain’t it, right?  Well, to know more about this song check out Tiger Shroff Is Back with a New Song ‘Vande Mataram’, His First Hindi Song!