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Leisha Patidar is a popular content creator with 374K followers on Instagram and 12.1K subscribers on YouTube. With her twinkling eyes and beautiful smile, this dusky beauty charms everyone. Her content is based on fashion and beauty, which I’ve to say greatly impresses netizens. She always adds her unique aspect to it which makes it more attractive. 

Here are the 15 best transition reels of Leisha:

1. Ethnic Transition

2. Shirt to Two Piece Set 

3. Mirror Transition

4. Western to Traditional

5. Glam Saree Transition

6. Jalebi Baby

7. Ethnic to Western

8. Nightwear to Saree

9. Glam Chic Transition

10. Two Moods

11. Dude, She’s Just Not Into You

12. Simple Dimple Cute Transition

13. Hair Flip Transition

14. Phone Transition

15. Comfy to Princess Look

So, these were some of the best transition Reels of Leisha. She’s just so great at it that it’s definitely hard selecting from so many Reels! Hope y’all had a good time watching her videos! Don’t know about you all, but I really enjoy them! If you’re fascinated with transitions, then do check out Top 15 Transition Looks of ‘The Mermaid Scales’ in 2021.